1961 Bubble Cut Barbie (Brunette)

The 1961 Bubble Cut Barbie® dolls wore a black and white striped knit swimsuit with matching black open-toe shoes, optional white sunglasses, silver and pink wrist tag, booklet and “pearl” earrings. They had short, tight bubble cut hair styles, red lips, and many had oily complexions. New bubblecut hairstyle, new titian (red or auburn) hair color, blonde, brownette (this is the lighter brown or sable color only sold at Sears), and brunette almost black color, rest same as 5 and 6 ponytail. Lip and nail colors vary from red to pale bubblegum pink. The Brownette hair color is rarer than the other hair colors and therefore commands a higher value. Marking: Barbie ® Pats. Pend. © MCMLVIII by Mattel Inc.

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