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1969 Fashion Dollikin

Fashion Dollikin, who first appeared in 1969, is an 11 1/2 inch fashion doll who has long, pin-straight blonde, red or light-black hair. A ribbon-tied miniature ponytail bobs above full, straight bangs. At right, two mint-condition blonde basic Dollikins sport the rose-pink and baby-blue variations of the standard jumpsuit, while a played-with redhead wears the most-common golden-yellow version. Hair ribbons and boots coordinate to match the jumpsuits, with red for yellow, hot pink for blue and pale pink for rose. Each of the long multicolored sashes that coordinates with these outfits is edged to exactly match the jumpsuit. Available in catalog mail order as well. Marked; Dollikin ® US Pat 3010253 Other US & For Pat Pend, Uneeda Doll Co Inc, MCMLXIX Made In Hong Hong. Uneeda 1969