1974 Steve Scout

The Kenner Steve Scout action figure range The range of official scouting figures was released by Kenner in 1974. The range featured two main fully poseable dolls, Steve and Bob scout. Both wear the official Boy Scout uniform, with Steve white and Bob African American, and measure 9” tall. The second wave of figures in 1975 brought two younger characters, Craig and Dave Cub, as smaller figures who wore official Cub Scout uniforms. The figures had single-item accessories such as the Signal Launcher and the Metal detector, along with an extensive number of themed play-sets featuring numerous accessories, outfits and vehicles. These were: Avalanche on Blizzard Ridge, Ballon Race to Devil's Canyon, Danger at Snake River, Escape Glide from Eagle Mountain, Lost in the High Country, The Pathfinder, Porta Power Rescue Cycle, Search for the Spanish Galleon, Warning from Thunderhead Weather Station, Wilderness Base at Rocky Rapids, Fire Fighter, Mountain Medic.