2003 Tommy Doll as Elvis Giftset

Tommy™ doll looks adorable, playing "dress up" in classic outfits made famous by Elvis Presley®. The first Tommy™ doll wears a golden suit with a holographic foil dot print around lapel, pockets and down the side of his pants. The doll also wears a silvery shirt with silvery ruffles and collar and a golden ribbon bowtie. His shoes are golden, too! Elvis Presley® wore this outfit at the 1957 concert in Toronto. The second outfit is the Elvis Eagle jumpsuit. Tommy™ doll wears a white jumpsuit with golden detailing and red scarf along with a white belt with a golden eagle on the buckle. His hair is styled in the famous Elvis pompadour. The third outfit is based on Jailhouse Rock™, the movie from 1957. Tommy™ doll wears a black jacket & pants with top stitch and matching buttons. The striped shirt matches the suit. So cute!